15 Simple Decorating Tips to Make Your Home Beautiful

15 Simple Decorating Tips to Make Your Home Beautiful

When you come home you need me to make you happy. Alberto Torres can help you do that with 15 Simple Decorating Tips to Make Your Home Beautiful

We all think about having a beautiful house, but that is not the most important thing, your house must make you happy, we want to help you choose the furniture that will accompany you for years and at different stages of your life and that the whole family will appreciate.

With the confinement we have learned to spend a lot of time at home, we have made it our personal refuge, and every stay in our house is special, for this reason, there are some general tips that will undoubtedly help to create a unique and welcoming environment.

It is important that when you enter your house, you feel identified with it; that it has a first and last name, and that it is yours and that is one of the guidelines for your house to make you happier and for us to be proud to live there.

For your home to make you happy, you have to identify with it, it has to breathe you, it has to smell like you. One of the smells that we remember the most is that of our house when we were little, it smelled of mothers and grandmothers, stews, and cakes, which makes your family recognize you in every corner.

What are the most common house styles?

If you don’t know which style goes best with you and with the house you want to have, in this decorating tips section we will show you the most used styles to decorate homes.

 Most Mediterranean houses predominate with pure white and sky blue tones, of course, because they are reminiscent of the sea, in good weather, give a feeling of freshness, and bring a lot of light. Handcrafted furniture like those of yesteryear, which evoke such pleasant memories of our childhood, those summers on the coast, with textiles like linen, as they say, typically Spanish.

 The house in classic or baroque style, with very high ceilings, with a majestic style, which is more like a mansion, with velvet curtains, with large sofas, all the furniture is also made in the noblest, like oak, giving your home a more traditional style, with exquisite elegance, for the highest tastes.

 The Nordic or Scandinavian style house has been a trend in recent years, this style, unlike the Mediterranean, has very neutral tones, in the palette that can be found in the Nordic or Scandinavian styles, we will find white, beige, and gray, which are shades that inspire more comfort.

Here the materials are more practical, wood is the key to this style since it is the material from which almost all furniture is made. In addition to being furniture with a more natural aesthetic, with straight lines and light combinations of not very pronounced curves.

 The house is in minimalist style, in this style, as the name suggests, the trend is to have what is right and necessary, furniture with a very clear function. It is an ideal style for creating spaces that are not overcrowded, with a clear commitment to furniture with straight lines and without adornments, which manages to create a distinguished and pleasant space.

 The industrial style home, inspired by New York homes or apartments. More bohemian neighborhoods where culture and art have created trends, and where artists have adapted old factories to their liking, transforming these spaces into their own style that has survived until today. In this style, the simplicity of leaving the materials insight is one of the key factors, iron, wood ….

The furniture of this type of house has a more abrupt style because it had to find a place in very particular circumstances which made it unique.

Furniture adapts to open spaces and plays with darker colors, and even current furniture in this particular style comes to look like it hasn’t been finished, it’s half-done, it’s the place to be a perfect combination in vintage style.

General principles for enjoying your home

Here, you can find the 40 most general decorating tips, so that you can get a little idea of ​​proportions, how to take advantage of natural light, etc.

1. Keep the proportions

There must be a balance between the size of the furniture that we place in each room of our house and the dimensions of the place.

It is not necessary to look for a single decorative style for all the furniture, but you have to look for the harmony between the design and the colors.

2. Use natural light

Natural light is the most important lucky charm in a home, along with the people you share it with, and it has many advantages.

It strengthens the immune system, improves our biological clock, and helps us be more awake during the day and sleep better at night; natural light is advisable for work or study as it improves the cognitive functions of the brain; it improves our mood and vitality; it improves visual health; it creates a feeling of well-being and comfort; it helps fight stress and fatigue; it gives us vitality and joy.

3. The scent of happiness

Our sense of smell helps us remember places, memories, love, food, etc. The smell of our home helps us remember it for the rest of our lives.

The less intense fragrances are always the most successful. The scent you choose will determine the aroma of your home, and it has to be something that stimulates you and doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable.

Citrus scents are recommended for the kitchen as they help get rid of pungent kitchen odors; the sea breeze for the bathroom and scents such as lavender or jasmine promote peace and are therefore ideal for the living room or bedroom.

You can use candles, oils, or fragrances to scent the house.

4. Keep your house tidy

When it comes to decorating tips, order is the most important thing. If a house is messy, it creates insecurity and difficulty concentrating. In addition, a tidy house gives a feeling of spaciousness. That is why it is important to organize the space. We advise you to choose furniture that will help you with this, e.g. B. bookshelves, chests of drawers, storage furniture, shoe racks, coat racks, and chests or suitcases in the bedroom, living room, garden, or terrace.

5. Fall in love with what you buy

Sometimes we collect things in our home that we have bought or received as gifts and that we loved at the moment. But now we believe that they are no longer necessary in our home or that we no longer like them. Don’t feel guilty about this, but try to give it away, sell it, or donate it so that someone else can get some benefit. Keep the objects that have a meaning to you, a photo, a stuffed animal, or something that reminds you of a happy moment in your life.

Really buy what you fall in love with and what makes your home happy. When you see it in the store you feel like it is calling you and should be yours.

6. Air your house every day

Open the windows in the morning, ventilate them so that the air is renewed and between the light and the sun, which according to Feng Shui is a symbol of vitality and energy.

In times of CoVid, it has become essential to ventilate our house. Keep the habit and you will feel better when you breathe fresh air.

7. Bring a musical note into your home

Music has more advantages than we can imagine. It helps us to be more effective and creative, and it promotes concentration.

Music makes us release dopamine, a neurotransmitter that is responsible for pleasant sensations. Listening to music also releases endorphins, which inhibit neurotransmitters that cause stress and anxiety.

Listening to music leads to relaxation and improves the quality of sleep. If you also have a good mattress, you will sleep like a baby.

8. Give it a green and natural touch

When we think of buying plants or flowers, it makes us happy: we think of nature, peace, and quiet.

Plants contribute to the oxygen supply of the house, humidify the air, and are air purifiers. Indoor plants, cacti, orchids, fresh flowers …

If you don’t have a good knack for plants, there are many that are easy to care for, or you might opt ​​for a cactus.

9. Get to work

Sometimes we overlook small mishaps in the household, such as a leaky faucet, a drawer that does not close properly, a crooked painting, or a shelf that is about to fall. Instead of delaying repairs, let us take the time to fix them. Then not only will it be fixed, but we will have the satisfaction of having made it and will be happier in our home.

10. Create a special place

At some point in the day, we need our time and space. So why not create one? Even if you don’t have any extra rooms in the house, create a corner where you enjoy reading, listening to music, or doing your favorite hobby. Decorate them with pillows and candles as you like and make yourself as comfortable as possible. Take time whenever you can to relax and have fun. It wed undoubtedly be your happy corner in your home.

11. Reflect your personality in the decoration

This point is very important when it comes to decorating tips. Think about things that would make your home a happy home. We look at decoration magazines and maybe see the living room, bedroom, or kitchen of our dreams; but does this really correspond to my personality, or do I prefer to see the walls painted in colors that grab my attention, relax me or make me smile.

Think about what your perfect house would look like. Do you prefer light or warm colors, pictures, or prints? Light is very important for every moment of our day, whether we are working, cooking, or relaxing in our special place.

Make your home a happy and welcoming home with your tastes, smells, and thoughts.

12. Get that homely feeling

When we open the door to our house, we should feel “finally at home” rather than “how chaotic everything is”. Make sure you have an inviting entrance/hallway. The order when you enter is important so that you don’t feel like you are sinking into chaos.

Think of items to help you organize coats, umbrellas, keys, etc. so no one leaves their belongings when they arrive.

Decorate the entrance with flowers, a mirror, and set up a diffuser with the scent you want your home to smell. With these decorating tips, you will always have a house with your special touch.

13. How do you choose the photos and pictures?

How do you like the walls with pictures or without them? It is difficult to choose an image or a photo because we don’t all have the same tastes. Try to keep it nice, you don’t have to clutter your walls or furniture with photos.

Choose what makes you smile or tear, but what makes you happy.

Remember, less is often more.

14. Which lighting is best suited for the individual rooms?

The most important thing is that we have sufficient light at all times of the day: when getting up, when studying and/or working, when cooking, when resting. In these rooms, you can reduce the amount that you have to set up by correctly placing spotlights.

If you regulate the intensity of the light, you can enjoy the amount of light exactly when you need it.

The placement of the lamps that you set up to light your home is important as it needs to be even with no areas of shadow.

In the bedroom, the light should be more yellowish, but in the study, it will help you focus using cool, white light.

In the bathroom, you can put wall lights on either side of the mirror, and in the kitchen, the ideal spot is the floor of the cabinets.

15. Accessories with a personal touch

Sometimes we can’t find a lamp, rug, or curtain that would be ideal for our home because none of the 100% matches our tastes in terms of colors or textures.

So what is to be done? By customizing them with colors, shapes, fabrics with different textures, drawings, or whatever makes you really happy, you can make your home happier.

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