5 Guest Room Bathroom Ideas That Will Spark Conversation

When you’re hosting guests, you want their stay to be as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. But are your guest bathrooms leaving something to be desired? With the right ideas and some creativity, it’s easy to turn your bathroom into an inviting retreat for your guests—one that will spark conversation during their visit and make them feel at home! If you’re ready to take your bathroom from drab to fab, here are five ideas to get you started

1. Transitional Guest Bathroom

Many guest bathrooms are in dire need of an update. If you’re looking to upgrade your guest bathroom without totally redoing it, try picking out new hardware or adding a fun accent tile (like a zebra print!) to your wall behind your toilet. Updating parts of your space can be done for little money and instantly give it a fresh feel. If you’d like more of a comprehensive overhaul, consider using color blocking or marble-like grout to update your bathroom with ease!

2. Rustic Painted Cabin Style Bathroom

Discovering rustic inspiration in your bathroom is great, but don’t go overboard! Before you run to buy a few planks of wood to hang as art or put on your favorite plaid rug, consider a more subtle touch. Paint your guest room bathroom cabinets white for a charming and polished look. Look for contrasting hardware, such as brass knobs or handles, for a nice effect that will still be easy on your eyes. From there, follow these three simple steps: 1) Grab an old map at any antique store and roll it up to use as a towel rack; 2) Use pieces of wood from old crates to create clever hooks to hang towels from; 3) Buy some extra-large frames and fill them with old family photos.

3. Modern Black and White Style Guest Bathroom

Sometimes, you don’t want to overthink your guest room. Sometimes, you just want a modern black and white bathroom that will spark conversation while putting your guests at ease. The contrast of bold whites and deep blacks can be eye-catching, but it also helps make your guest feel comfortable. Why?

4. Traditional Country Style Home Ownership Bathroom

For example, traditional country-style home has all of these features that look warm and inviting. The addition of wooden fixtures will give your guest room bathroom an old-fashioned touch while making it seem more spacious. This type of look is ideal for small bathrooms, as well as multi-generational homes since it doesn’t take up much space or require much maintenance.

5. Remodeler style bathroom ideas

Remodeler style bathroom ideas To start, take a look at your bathroom fixtures. Are they outdated? If so, installing new ones can be an inexpensive way to spruce up your bathroom and make it feel like a guest space. A professional plumber can assist you with replacing any of your old bathroom fixtures, but as long as you have replacements in hand before doing anything else, it’s relatively simple and straightforward. Be sure to note what size and kind of tubing or piping are going into each fixture—plumbers typically require that information when they come to install things. And keep in mind that if you have anything special in mind for your shower or tub (say, a built-in sound system), now is also the time to order those extras.

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