Beautiful Small Apartment Bedroom

Beautiful Small Apartment Bedroom

Hi! Courtney is back today to share my bedroom in the apartment with you! As I mentioned in my post yesterday about the empty apartment, this is my first time living in an apartment with a completely separate bedroom. My first apartment was an “open bedroom”, i.e. the room was open, but had a partial wall cutout that at least separated it from my living room. But now that I know the joys of a bedroom that is completely separate from my living space (with walls and a door!) I have to say … it’s pretty lovely!

My apartment is only 500 square meters in total, so I knew before I moved in that the bedroom would be very small. That is OK for me! The goal was simple and cozy, but I wanted to make sure my furniture choices didn’t make it feel tighter than necessary.

I have a nice ivory-colored iron bed that I could have brought, but I decided that for this room I would look for a bed without a footboard. Although the footboard of the iron bed was quite open, it was a greater barrier than I wanted to feel in such a small space (although that footboard was perfect for visually separating the open bedroom from my old room!)

So the bed hunt began. It was surprisingly difficult and overwhelming to find a bed into my budget that I was impatient about. I’m sure I looked at all the beds in the whole network, ha! I asked for fabric samples and was looking at many options. At one point, I had this nice bed with a back in the car, but I panicked at the last minute (it was a final sale and I wasn’t sure I was ready to make that investment!)

In the end, as my move-in date was approaching and I had a decision to make, I found this simple upholstered platform bed at a great bargain (check it out on my trend board below!). It actually reminded me of one that I had liked at a higher price, so it was a great “look for less” find.

I had several fabric options for the bed. My apartment walls and carpet are light gray so I wanted to make sure I had a lighter bed that wasn’t exactly the same color. I chose “Zuma White” without even asking for a fabric swatch first, so I only hoped for the best and it turned out to be perfect. It’s not too white, just a nice off-white on a soft textured fabric. I was impressed with the quality of the bed and it was also relatively easy to assemble.


I started searching the internet for a mattress that could easily be delivered to my apartment when I received the keys. I preferred to find one that was made with healthier materials (some mattresses are full of chemicals that are not good for breathing). Researching the options, I found Tuft & Needle. Their mattresses were Greenguard Gold certified (meaning their mattresses meet the strictest standards for chemical emissions tested by UL Environment), in addition to other safety certifications.

It was just what I was looking for, so I chose the Mint mattress with alternative down pillows.

The mattress arrived at the door of my apartment in a box, I just unpacked it myself and watched it expand before my eyes! It was that easy. Both the mint mattress and the pillows are very comfortable and of great quality. I have been very happy with them so far and can only recommend Tuft & Needle if you are looking for a new mattress.

I bought this flat wall shelf without knowing exactly where to put it, but I knew it was versatile and had to be a good place for it somewhere! In the end, it fitted that wall next to my bed perfectly. I think it’s great that it offers some extra storage space and display space for pretty things. I also used it as a seat for some of my most popular essential oil rollers (I keep them in this lipstick holder).

My bed linen consists of this linen duvet and the flower beds with pompom trim (I have the color light gray) and the optically white linen beds. Super cozy! I told you more about this bedding a few years ago in this post.

I borrowed both of my bedside tables from my mother! This bedside table doesn’t offer a lot of storage space, so I might replace it at some point, but I love the warmth of the wood and that it’s so nice and airy for this small space. The little mirror above my bed was a set of 3 from Target or Home Goods many years ago – it used to be on the gallery wall in my mother’s family room, which you can see here. My mother inherits great decorative items;) and I love to take the same decorations and find new ways and places to use them.

I’ve had this little white alarm clock for years and the mint green lamp is the Forsa lamp from Ikea. (P.S.: I tied this pretty bouquet with flowers from a flower shop near me – I love living in a city where I can walk to great places!

The rest of the room isn’t quite ready as I only moved in a month and a half ago, but I love how relaxing and quiet it is so far! I’m looking forward to cuddling up in this cozy room every evening.

In case you missed yesterday’s post, you can check out my empty apartment tour and the rest of my design mood boards here!

Thanks for letting me take over the blog for the past few days, friends. I hope you enjoyed these glimpses of my new apartment – I will definitely come back to share more as I settle in further!

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