Industrial Dining Room Decoration Ideas

Industrial Dining Room Decoration Ideas

Characterized by its eclecticism and timelessness, an industrial dining room never goes out of style. Also known as the loft-style, it has its origins in the abandoned factories of New York in the 1950s. Due to the high rents, many artists made it their home and this is how one of the most well-known furnishing styles emerged. Its success is due to the large rooms with high ceilings, exposed architectural materials, and untreated materials.

Keys to Decorating an Industrial Dining Room

  •  High ceilings and large windows
  •  Mix of different materials: wood and metal
  •  Choose an industrial dining table
  •  Chairs for an industrial dining room
  •  Additional furniture for an industrial dining room
  •  Industrial style colors
  •  High ceilings and large windows

They are traditional architectural elements in the old factories. The exposed brick and concrete are part of its trademark and make it one of the great attractions that can also be imitated with different models of wallpaper. They are even available with relief to add even more realism to the walls. The large windows with iron plates are another characteristic element of the architecture. Thanks to them, bright and diaphanous rooms are created, through which natural light passes.

 Mix of textures in the materials: wood and metal

An industrial-style dining room is versatile and has character. And all thanks to the materials of industrial furniture: dark and untreated woods and iron surfaces are the ones that triumph in dining tables, chairs, sideboards, and even showcases. The surfaces offer a mix of textures – which also blend with the architectural materials – as seen in some decorative styles. And they offer a dynamic, lively result with a very attractive appearance.

 Choose an industrial dining table

An industrial dining table is characterized by its raw materials: natural wood and iron legs – or with a black or gray finish -. And while traditionally rectangular, the industrial dining table is perfect if you want to add some dynamism to your dining room. If you’re the type of person who likes to host lunches and dinners at home, there are also round extendable dining tables that can accommodate as many guests as you like. And when they aren’t, they add energy to your dining room in their starting position.

 Chairs for an industrial dining room

Chairs for an industrial dining room

In this context, both metal and wooden chairs look equally good. A classic model like the Tolix chair might be just what you need. And all the more so since its design has been renewed with more vivid colors that revive the industrial style. Or with a wooden seat, which gives them a warm look. The Vintage Blade chairs are also an option for industrial dining rooms. They undoubtedly set a counterpoint and add warmth to the room.

 Additional furniture for an industrial dining room

An industrial dining room is not just a table and chairs. To underline the identity of this personal style, you should also choose an industrial sideboard on which to store crockery and cutlery. If the room is large, you can also set up an industrial display case to display your glasses and the tea set you inherited from your grandmother. Be sure to look out for industrial-style furniture with natural wood and metal detailing, e.g. B. on the legs or the handles.

 Industrial style colors

The colors that are always present in the industrial style are white, perfect for bringing light through accessories, black and gray typical of metallic finishes, and brown, present in the wood. Then you can use warm colors like beige, orange or dark yellow, but cool – albeit muted – green, blue, or aquamarine also do well.

Types of Industrial Dining Rooms

  •  Comedor industrial vintage
  •  Modern industrial dining room
  •  Nordic industrial dining room

Although you can set up the dining room with a purely industrial style, to many it can appear harsh, cold, or a little rough if careful attention is not paid to the details. For this reason, it is mostly a trend that works very well when fused with others, since it takes on their warmth and luminosity without losing personality.

 Comedor industrial vintage

This style brings together the best of both trends, creating a cozy, warm combination that takes you back in time. It is characterized by the fact that natural materials are also used for furniture, but with more rounded and delicate surfaces than purely industrial furniture.

 Modern industrial dining room

Industrial style colors

It combines the purest materials of the industrial style with the sober lines of the modern style, without losing warmth and elegance. This is one of the characteristics of the modern style, which comes with an elegant, refined and modern touch.

 Nordic industrial dining room

The Scandinavian style is mixed with this eclectic style, resulting in warm and unique dining rooms with a certain retro touch. In this case, the furniture is made of light woods that are spectacularly combined with the iron in the details.

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