Six Favorite Tips for Decorating a Summer Bedroom

Six Favorite Tips for Decorating a Summer Bedroom

One of the Six Favorite Tips for Decorating a Summer Bedroom nice about decorating is to focus on the joy of the season! Why should you keep your rooms the same when you can be inspired with a few simple changes? We’re not going on a tropical vacation this summer, but the sun is shining here and we’re enjoying every moment of it. Last week I brought some fun items from Walmart Home into our bedroom to make it feel like a tropical retreat!

Here are my favorite six favorite tips for decorating a summer bedroom

Six Favorite Tips

1. Decorate with what you love, but be ready to try something fresh and new! I have this flowered white ceramic lamp with a blue-green shade. I’ve had plain white lamps in my room for a long time, but I have to say I LOVE this quirky, colorful lamp. I’m so glad I tried a new look! The style really appealed to me and gave my room its very own character!

After falling in love with the lamp and taking it home, I saw a similar lamp in an expensive store. Don’t you think it’s great when you get something you love cheaply and then find a similar but more expensive lamp somewhere else? You need to know where to shop, stay true to what you love, but also be willing to try something new and window-shop often enough to hit on good finds when you spot the pearls.

2. It’s okay to decorate rooms so they’re pretty now, even if you think you’ll just remodel them later. I bought this botanical wall art set because they are just so fun! This wall hasn’t inspired me in a long time, but I kept thinking about what to do about it. Now i’m happy that it looks so finished, fresh and pretty! I figured these pieces would add a great accent anywhere you need a little pop of color. I think sometimes we are afraid of buying or hanging art because it seems too permanent to us or we are not sure whether we want to get into it! I learned a long time ago to just hang up the art! You can always change them later, but you may also be wondering why it took you so long to fall in love with your space.

3. Try to bring a touch of mood to a room, even in summer. You don’t have to make everything bright and friendly in summer. A deeper tone in a color you love can add more contrast and dimension to the room. I have this peacock-colored imitation suede pillow. I liked the color because it goes so well with the lamp, but it also brings contrast and a slightly more atmospheric atmosphere to the room, which will be very nice in the fall.

4. Find versatile layers. I bought this 3-piece set of white chenille duvet and scarf. I really wanted a simple, light, and textured white blanket for our bed that could be combined with other bedding all year round or folded and stored in winter. When I saw this duvet cover I knew it would be perfect! You can use it as a bedspread, but it also has a button closure with ribbons so I can put my faux-down insert in it to make it extra cozy and fluffy when I want to or when we’re approaching autumn! I’ll show you what that looks like next week. This blanket will be fun and cozy all year round. The flower beds are also included.

5. Don’t forget the texture! I liked this little round wicker tray for its structure, but also for its versatility. The structure is an often-overlooked element that really changes the atmosphere of a room. I love to put such a small tray on the bed for guests, but it can also serve as a pretty decoration on the wall or as a basket for things on the counter or dresser.

6. Look for pillowcases with zippers. I loved the pillowcases I got in this blue and white patterned pillow set. They go so well with my style and can be used in any room in our home. They also have zippers, which I love for two reasons. For one, you can fill them with the fluffiest pillow inserts to make them super plump! Plush is good when it comes to pillows :). The other reason I love pillowcases is that when the season is over or you just want to change the look, you can just swap out the insert and put the cover away until your next use.

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