Walk In Tub Shower Ready With Upgrade Kits

Walk In Tub Shower Ready With Upgrade Kits

Your bathroom should be more than just functional — it should be comfortable, relaxing, and enjoyable! Walk-in tub shower ready kits are the perfect solution to adding both functionality and comfort to your bathtub while preserving the original style of your home. However, there are many different upgrades available with these kits, which can make them hard to choose between. This article will help you understand what options you have when it comes to walk-in tub shower ready kits so that you can make an informed decision about which one will work best in your home!

Why You Need a Custom Bath

Sometimes, installing a walk-in tub involves a bit more than just cutting a doorway in your bathroom. Many bathrooms were not designed to accommodate a bath with doors, so you may need to make some structural changes first. Your customized walk-in bath can then be installed right into these remodeled spaces. If you’re planning to install your own shower upgrade kits, we’re here to help! Reach out today for expert advice on every step of your new bath’s creation.

3 Steps to a DIY Bathroom

1. Use an accessibility shower kit, such as a grab bar or handrail, to make a standard bathtub accessible to those who may have difficulty stepping in and out of it. 2. Turn your tub into a walk-in shower by installing a retractable or removable bench with grab bars, so you can safely step inside while fully dressed in your favorite slippers. 3. Use non-slip flooring in your shower area to increase safety and prevent accidental falls caused by sudden movement or wet conditions. Adding these items can help save you time and money while making life easier for any family member who has trouble getting around easily.

The Perfect Bathrooms

When remodeling a home, bathroom renovations are one of the most common things you’ll see. When replacing a bathtub with a walk-in tub, homeowners can upgrade their shower-ready kits with tub-to-shower conversion kits and trays to ensure they have everything they need for a seamless bathtub to shower conversion. Bathroom renovations aren’t just about adding stylish showers; they’re also about ensuring that your bathing experience is as easy and relaxing as possible.

Installing Bathtub and Tile at the Same Time

If you are planning to install a walk-in tub, we highly recommend tiling at the same time. It takes less than a day to tile, and you will have beautiful grout lines in your tub surround right from day one. This eliminates any reason for you to go back into your bathroom later and add tile once your tub is installed. Installing everything at once also reduces traffic in your home while making it more convenient for everyone involved. The decision is yours of course, but it’s something we see as a huge benefit and an upgrade worth considering!

After Installation of Your Bathtub

Before you can use your new bathtub, here are a few things you need to check and make sure of: Your tub needs to have a shower arm installed in order for you to take full advantage of what you’ve purchased. A professional plumber should be able to install it quickly and easily, so don’t hesitate to give them a call if they aren’t readily available. Also, because your new bathtub is larger than most standard tubs—for example, around 65 inches in length—you might need some other products in order for it all to fit comfortably. For example, an extended or longer shower curtain rod might be required. You can add these items with simple hardware store purchases later on.

How Do I Install My Kit?

When your kit arrives, you will have all of the parts that you need to install your new walk-in tub. All of these parts will be in separate packages labeled with numbers and letters (1A, 1B, etc.). You’ll also have a detailed instruction manual for assembling your walk-in tub. The instructions will tell you which parts go with which number/letter. The installation process is relatively simple; however, before installing it is important to understand how an upgrade kit works.

Step 1 – Remove Existing Door

Use a screwdriver to remove any existing screws and set them aside. Use a hammer and chisel to remove old caulk from around your door’s frame. Pry off any remaining door with your chisel or screwdriver, if necessary. Also, use your chisel to cut out any drywall that’s in the way of your new door installation. Continue removing parts of your old shower as needed until you have open space for the installation of your walk-in tub enclosure.

Step 2 – Replace Existing Framing

If you’re updating an existing shower with a walk-in tub, you may want to replace your original stud framing. This can be done in two steps: Step 1 – Replace wooden studs: Start by replacing each of your existing 2×4 or 2×6 wooden studs with brand new ones that are 16 inches apart from one another. You can buy them from a home improvement store and screw them into place using sheetrock screws.

Step 3 – Put Down New Tile & Apply Grout

Tile with an upgraded look and feel is a great way to upgrade any room in your home. You can create a customized look by choosing tile that fits your decorating style, whether you’re going for traditional or modern. No matter what kind of tile you choose, they’ll add sparkle and pizzazz to any room in your home.

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